The Corporate Yoga Club

Have you ever felt:

  • Frustrated with bodily aches and pains
  •  Overwhelmed with a full schedule
  •  Low on energy
  •  Foggy
  •  Weak

Prioritizing your health can take a back burner to the demands of life. If this sounds like you, it can lead to inner and outer chaos a.k.a stress and a deteriorating sense of wellbeing. The awesome news is many companies recognize a happy, healthy you makes you a more valuable asset.

That's why I created The Corporate Yoga Club 

Mobile yoga at your organization helping you attain a healthy body and a healthy mindset. 

Live in the body you've been desiring. 


This club is perfect for health-minded, balance-seeking professionals.  


  • Wanting to recapture strength, flexibility, and mobility in your body.
  • Up for a playful challenge knowing wherever you are on the yoga spectrum is a perfect place to be. I give lots of options so that you feel safe and successful, yet encouraged to grow.
  • A goal-setter wanting to take action and improve your physical and mental states of being.
  • Inflexible. This is why we do the yoga. ;)
  • A growth-minded individual with a can-do attitude. I provide the options. You ask yourself, what part of this can I do?
  • Looking to get back into shape. This is a great place to start.
  • Time efficient and wanting to get your yoga on during working hours. 

Here's how it works:

We'll turn your conference room, or open space, into a zen den. You'll stroll in with your comfy clothes and yoga mat a few minutes before we start. Soft music will help you transition from work-mode to me-mode. The class flows through a variety of warm-up movements, standing/seated/balancing poses, and backbends. We close with final relaxation where I’ll guide you through a mindfulness exercise or let you focus on your breath and release tension with each exhale. 

By Joining The Corporate Yoga Club You'll Learn:

  • Breathing techniques: improved breathing helps you shift from flight-or-fight to a relaxation response. In this state, your breathing and heart rate lowers, and your blood pressure decreases.
  • Healthy alignment for your body: poor alignment and body awareness are the root of injuries. Recognize patterns that keep you feeling your best and let go of the ones causing pain and holding you back.
  • Postures that build strength + increase flexibility: regaining, or attaining, strength and flexiblity is what keeps you feeling young and able. Strength + flexibility = power. 
  • Mindfulness techniques: living in a world screaming for your attention pulls you out of the present moment. Learn to focus your mind, improve productivity, and build better connections with co-workers and loved ones.

Hi, I’m Jody Illies.

Yoga Instigator + Messenger of Ease at Just Be Balanced 

Jody Illies

 Yoga + mindfulness have given me tools that I use on a daily basis to feel focused, healthy, and balanced. I want to share these tools with you so you can feel your very best.

"Jody’s an asset to us in so many ways." 

"She brings an effervescent joy and calm at the end of very busy, often times, stress-filled day. I value Jody’s genuine care and concern when she is checking in with us to see what we need. She’s adaptable and creates flows to best meet us where we are bringing us to a place of peace, relaxation, and gratitude. I love being able to leave the house on a yoga day knowing when I get home my fitness goals will be met, and my frame of mind will be greatly improved." 

— Becca Weber, ISD 728

"Jody's a wonderful fit!"

"I have been fortunate to work for an organization that supports on-site Yoga classes. My co-worker Yogis have ranged from their 20’s to 60’s and equally represent both genders. We have walkers, runners, cyclists, swimmers, triathletes, and those with more casual recreation activities, in our group. Jody has been a wonderful fit! Her knowledge, enthusiasm, and willingness to coach individuals has resulted in the largest class size we have ever experienced! Jody’s class is a great way to end an active work day – letting go of any tension or stress, and finding our mind and body balance."  

— Eric Albertson, Connexus Energy

Investment options for The Corporate Yoga Club  

Single, 60-minute Class $150 

3-Month Session of Weekly Classes at a Reduced Rate

60 Minutes

$120 per class. This is a flat rate so the more students, the better value.

45 Minutes

$100 per class. This is a flat rate so the more students, the better value.

Wellness Sponsored

Check with your Wellness Committee for Sponsorship

Why now?

Yoga improves many areas of your life.

You will improve awareness of how to use your body while participating in both recreational, professional, and day-to-day activities.

How you spend your time right now is showing what’s important to you. 

We spend a lot of time living in the future. “When I’m healthy”, “When I’m rich”, “When I have more time.” This is your chance to say that your health and mental wellbeing are a top priority. 

Limited openings available.

I work with dedicated groups looking to learn new skills for self improvement. I only accept a limited number of bookings per session. Contact me for availability.  

What results are your current actions giving you?

 No need to figure this out on your own. Grab this opportunity to let a professional guide you.

The Corporate Yoga Club


  • I’ve never done yoga. Is this for me? I pride myself on having classes for all abilities. It’s my job to give you options so you feel successful.
  • Will I be too sweaty to go back to work? Generally speaking, no. However, I recommend having “refresh bag” ready for touch ups. I fill mine with deodorant, face wipes, and blotting papers.
  • What style do you teach? I teach a vinyasa (flow) class.
  • What should I bring? Bring a yoga mat and wear comfy clothes. Bonus points if you bring blocks!
  • Is there music? Yes. I love Spotify. I create new playlists monthly. Energy levels change with the season, but I keep it modern.
  • Where can I get gear? You can find your basics at Target. Don't feel like shopping? I can hook up groups with mats, blocks, straps and Yoga TuneUp balls.
  • How can I get the most out of class? You will fill out a client survey so I know your desires for the session. Classes are tailored to you!
  • How long is class? Class is one hour or 45-minutes so you will be able to jump right back into your workday after a quick change of clothes.
  • When do I pay? Companies subsidizing the full or partial amount will be invoiced monthy and responible for collecting fees from individual participants. If indivuduals are covering the full amount, payment is taken at the 2nd class once the roster has been finalized.
  • How long have you been teaching? I've been teaching since 2008.  

The Corporate Yoga Club